Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment

Streamline your billing and payment collection processes with our automated electronic bill presentment and payment solution.

Perfectly compliment printed and mailed statements and bills with Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment

Electronically present bills and receive payments with our secure digital payment platform. This service can be used in conjunction with printed and mailed statements, and can function exactly as your billing preparation process works now.

How Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment Works

Bill Presentment

Securely enable customers to view statements and bills electronically via computer, laptop, phone or tablet. Presentment channels include email, mobile apps, text notifications, or online portals. From there, customers can easily access and review their bills.

Bill Payment

After being delivered and viewed electronically, the customer can then proceed with making a payment within an integrated and secure portal. They can choose their preferred payment method to conveniently pay their bill, and also have the option to save their payment method to their account on your payment website, resulting in an even smoother one-click payment experience from there on out.

Industry-specific features and functionality

Our Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment solution was designed for entities of all kinds. Whether you’re part of a mortgage, insurance, banking, government, utility, health care, property management, or service entity, this tool can be tailored to fit your precise needs, and is already built to meet your industry’s specific communication and payment requirements.

Simpler payment processes = happier customers

Here are just a few of the benefits Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment can deliver.

Get paid faster and easier.

Talk with a member of our team now to learn more about how IC Group’s electronic bill presentment and payment solution can turn today’s payment headaches into tomorrow’s cash flow successes.