Product packaging that lifts your customer experience

Customize your product packaging designs with branded features and high-quality materials that leave a lasting impression.

Create custom boxes, prototypes and samples

Whether you’re looking for custom boxes, packaging, or point-of-purchase displays, IC Group has the people and technology to get it done. 

Bringing the best of your brand to every product interaction

If you can imagine it, we can produce it. From developing prototypes and selecting the best materials for your product, to helping you select finishing touches that will make the biggest impact, we design packaging that creates a tangible connection between your brand and your customer – never losing sight of your values on the way. 

Whether functionality, purpose, sustainability, or delight is your brand’s primary packaging goal, we’ll help you achieve it.

Experience your product packaging firsthand

Samples, prototypes and test runs are available before producing full runs. We’ll work with you to ensure your team’s complete satisfaction in design, materials, packaging and extra touches, guaranteeing nothing short of the best at full print.

Hyper-flexible, and proud of it

Small runs, low-volume SKUs, printing for multiple languages, and quick turnarounds are no problem. We’ll help identify your needs and implement the solutions and printing procedures that will meet them.

Multi-component kitting for the very best efficiency

Complex projects and tight deadlines are no match for our flexible workforce. Our multi-component kitting processes allows us to print, package, and ship your orders efficiently to numerous locations, all while reducing on-site inventory levels and adhering to your specific production schedules

Complete Product Packaging Services

Let’s Get Creative

Explore your boldest product packaging ideas with a member of our team.